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Wonder in Aliceland poster jan22.jpg

Wonder in Aliceland

Ultimately a powerful, heart-wrenching, and sensitive piece performed by two first-rate actors, with wonderfully nuanced direction. It calls attention to the prejudices towards women in today’s society, and shines a light on an often-ignored age in a woman’s life. Highly recommended, and I certainly suggest keeping an eye out for Alice Henley’s next work. Full review here

This is a must-see if you want to witness how it is possible to cleverly raise and discuss with care and empathy many serious issues in such a short space of time and that they can be clearly and tenderly reflected upon, as long as something is written and performed well. To know that the play is partly inspired by true events makes it all the more moving.

Full review here

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The story is engaging and flows well throughout. A 5-star performance. Henley’s writing here is outstanding and with superb direction from Stuart Black that communicates the raw heartache and loss that was suffered by so many. Full review here

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No Guarantee

At the centre of this dissolving world is a futuristic love story where Virgil and Mary, played evocatively well by Alice Henley.With Henley and Marosa crafting a believable connection between the distraught and stricken pair, No Guarantee feels realistic and that adds more to the tension and captivation. Full review here

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London Live

Interview with London Live, discussing "Lal" and future projects. Interview can be viewed here



"I really live and breathe acting. It’s my passion, it’s not a job it’s a vocation." Full interview here 


Dicorced, Beheaded, Died

Alice Henley as Mary is the strongest stage presence, she manages to endow what is largely a caricature, with some real sense of humanity. Full review here